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In addition to providing prescription services and stocking a large range of personal and healthcare products, we also offer a range of specialist services including:

  • NHS Prescriptions
    Daniels Pharmacy offer a full NHS dispensing service. We keep most common medicines in stock, and it usually takes no more than 24 hours to order stock that we do not have. Many items can be ordered and supplied on the same day.

Do you ever get fed up with taking repeat prescription lists to your GP, and then having to attend again to collect the prescription days later... and then there's getting to the pharmacy, and the wait... it goes on. We now have a very popular solution, in the form of our Free Repeat Prescriptions Service. All you need to do is to leave your repeats slip with us, and then call a few days before you need your medication. We will tick the boxes for you, take the slip to your GP, collect it two days later, and prepare your medication so that it is ready for you when you come to the pharmacy. No more having to make two trips, no more waiting for the doctor to re-issue the prescription, and no waiting in the pharmacy.  Please click here for further details. 

  • Healthcare Advice
    Our highly qualified Pharmacists specialise in the knowledge of Medicines, dosages, interactions and how medicines act on the body. They are available to answer any queries you have concerning your medication and can tell you which "over the counter" medicines are safe to take with your medication.

  • Hair & Beauty Products
    We offer a full range of health and beauty products. Our preferred range include:

    • Salcura

    • Rimmel

If we do not have what you need in stock, we will be pleased to order it for you.

We also stock a wide range of costume jewellery.

  • NHS Minor Ailments Service
    It can sometimes be difficult to get an appointment at short notice with your GP, and your pharmacist is very well-qualified to discuss and treat a range of minor ailments (usually without an appointment.)

    This medication is issued free of charge if you normally qualify for free NHS prescriptions.

    Using this service, we can help you with any of the following conditions, on the NHS:

  • Athletes Foot

  • Cold Sores

  • Constipation

  • Cystitis

  • Diarrhoea

  • Dyspepsia / Heartburn / Indigestion

  • Eczema / Contact Dermatitis

  • Fever

  • Hayfever / Allergic Rhinitis

  • Head Lice

  • Infective Conjunctivitis

  • Insect bites and stings

  • Nasal congestion

  • Oral health / mouth ulcers

  • Oral Thrush (Oral Candida)

  • Scabies - Skin

  • Sprains / Strains / Bruises / Mechanical Back Pain

  • Threadworm

  • Vaginal Candidiasis

  • Viral URTI

Just ask to see our pharmacist in the Private Consultation Area.

Please note that, when you use this service, your GP's medical records will still be automatically updated.

  • Free Home Delivery
    We can also now offer you our FREE DELIVERY SERVICE. Although any customer can use this service, those with mobility issues have found it particularly helpful. And, of course, this service can be combined with our REPEAT PRESCRIPTIONS SERVICE. That means just one phone call to tell us what you want, and a few days later your medication is delivered to your door.

  • Private Consultations & Medicines Use Review
    The pharmacy has a private consulting room so customers can discuss health issues or concerns in confidence with the pharmacist.   The Medicines User Review is a free service available to any customer taking regular medication to help them better understand the medicines they are taking and what they are actually taking them for.

  • Contraceptive Services
    We try to offer a comprehensive contraceptive and sexual health service, which includes the following:

    • Safer sex advice and leaflets - free to all

    • EHC ('Morning After Pill')
      We are now able to offer the 'Morning After Pill' as a private service to women over 16 years old, and hope to be able to offer this service on the NHS very soon. 

      Whilst the 'morning after pill' is not a good alternative to planned use of contraception and safer sex, it is very useful following a 'slip,' or after a condom has failed, for example.

      Following our recent full refurbishment, we now have Private Consultation Room facilities. Just ask to be seen by the pharmacist in the Consultation Room. You will be seen quickly by a friendly, fully trained pharmacist.

For anything not listed here, we will always be pleased to order whatever you need, usually for availability on the same or next day.

  • Family Planning
    Free confidential advice and counselling on the best methods of family planning to suit each individual.

If you would to take advantage of these, or any of our other services, please drop into the pharmacy or call us to make an appointment.